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Recent notices of those who have died

Revd Murdoch MacKenzie , died on 3rd February 2015 in Edinburgh . He was an active member of the FCI and also the Fellowship of St Thomas. He earlier served in the CSI Madras Diocese.

Revd Hubert Pitts, died on 25th March 2015 aged 94. He served with his late wife Bertha in Bangalore and Mysore with the CSI from 1949 to 1964. Thereafter he served as minister for the Methodist Church in Kent, Wiltshire and Bristol until retirement in 1985 after which he still continued with various ministry involvements. Please contact the Secretary if you would like a copy of the full biography.

Mrs Beryl Hulbert Sealy, (MMS Lucknow & Banaras 1966-1985; Head Office 1985-1991; CNI 1991-1995) died 26th September 2013, aged 77.

The Revd Elizabeth (Betty) A. Scopes,  (LMS, Bengal 1957 - 1970 ) died  13th September 2013, aged 82.

Obituary notices of the following appeared in ‘Pilgrim’ 2013 —

The Rev Ian C Weatherall [USPG, Delhi 1950-2013; Died April 30th 2013 aged 91 years]. See Obituary

Mr. Reginald Taylor [CMS, 1965-1970]. Died 27.09.2012.

Miss Gladys Edna Shaw [CMS,  1944-1974]. Died 15.02.2013.

Mrs Margaret B. Edington (nee Maddren) [USPG, Delhi Diocese, 1956-1964] Died 27.03.2013 aged 88 years.

Revd Peter George Harold Hiscock [USPG, St Stephen’s College, Delhi, 1973-1976]. Died 16.05.2012 aged 80 years.

The Rt Revd Dr Kenneth E Gill [MMS, 1957-1980, Bishop in CSI Mysore Central Diocese (renamed Karnataka Central) 1972-1980] Died 16.02.2013 aged 80 years. See Obituary

Miss Audrey Margaret Chalkley [MMS, Madras District, 1946-1976] Died 12.06.2013 aged 94 years.

Miss Gertrude Hughes [MMS, China and CSI Madras] Died 10.09.2012 aged 92.

The Revd Alastalr Robin McGlashan [CMS, Tamil Theological College, Madurai, South India 1963 -1973] Died 04.07.2012 aged 79.

The Revd Roy Pape [MMS, United Theological College, Bangalore 1962-1976] Died 08.08.2012 aged 77. See Obituary

The Revd Barrie D. Scopes [LMS, Bengal 1957-1970; CWM: Secretary for African and Caribbean Affairs 1975-76, General Secretary 1980-84, Secretary for Administration and Acting General Secretary 1984-90; FCI: Secretary 1992 to 2003] Died 29.10.2012 aged 80. See Obituary

Miss Eleanor Emma Ross Brown [CMS, Vijayavada and Medak 1952-] Died 14.10.2012 aged 92.


 Obituary notices of the following appeared in ‘Pilgrim’ 2012 —

The Rt Rev Dr M Azariah [CSI General Secretary CSI Synod 1982-1990 and Bishop of Madras Diocese 1990-1999] Died 17.05.2012 aged 78.

The Revd Raymond Bailey [Church of Scotland Punjab 1939-1945; Pakistan 1967-1970] Died 08.05.2012 aged 97.

The Most Revd Din Dayal [former Bishop of Lucknow, and Moderator CNI 1986-89] Died 9.7.2011, aged 86.

Mrs Kathleen Hawthorn (Widow of the late The Revd Thomas Hawthorn). [CWM China 1948-51; India 1952-58; Niue 1962-67; Gilbert Islands 1970-79] Died 17.09.2011.

The Revd Bruce Charles Reid Henry [BMS Kond Hills, Orissa, North India, 1945-1968] Died 31.10.2011 aged 93.

Dr Iris Manjula James (née Dwyer) MRCOG [BMS N India 1950-1969; Lecturer, Miraj Medical College, Maharastra 1970-76; St Stephen’s Hospital Delhi 1977-79; various charitable hospitals in Delhi 1980-2006] Died 8.4.2011 aged 78.

Miss Mary Anne James [CMS St Mary's School, Deoghar 1954-1961; CMS Representative and RE adviser for Bombay Diocese 1962-81] Died Jan 2012, aged 90

The Revd Dr Allan Kenneth Jenkins [CMS, Serampore College, 1970-76] Died 22.01.2012 aged 71

Sister Dr Alice Musgrave OBE [MMS South India, Madras 1938-1976] Died 27.9.2011 aged 99.

The Revd Ivan Nathaniel [formerly Vicar of Christ Church, Ludhiana and Professor in English in the Government College, Ludhiana] Died 24.10.2010 aged 76.

The Revd Roy Newell [MMS, Madras 1963-1972 and Samoa 2001-2003] Died 10.05.2012 aged 77.

The Revd John Kenneth Pennington [USPG Christ Church College, Kanpur, Diocese of Lucknow, 1959-1963] Died 25.08.2011 aged 84.

Mrs Bertha Maude Pitts (Wife of the Revd Hubert Pitts) [MMS CSI Mysore Diocese 1948 – 1965] Died 26.07.2011 aged 91.

Miss Eileen Platt [CMC Hospital, Ludhiana 1953-58] Died 1.5.2012 aged 86.

Sister Esther Mary SLG (Irene Heather Round-Turner) [USPG Dispenser, Diocese of Delhi, North India 1945-1954] Died 19.08.2010 aged 91.

The Revd John David Rowland [BMS Bangladesh 1961-1974] Died 19.12.2011 aged 75.

Mr Alan Stewart [CSI Sometime treasurer of St Andrew’s Kirk, Chennai] Died 05.12.2011.

Mrs Rosemary Streatfeild (widow of the late The Revd Frank Streatfeild) [USPG Manoharpur, Diocese of Chota Nagpur, CNI,1961-1971] Died 29.09.2011, aged 81.

Mrs Patricia Gwendolen (Wendy) Swanson [BMS Ludhiana, North India 1964-69 and Cinnamon Gardens Baptist Church, Sri Lanka from 1974-1979] Died 5.4.2011, aged 83.

The Revd Canon Alan Thomas Evans Treherne [CMS, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 1957-71] Died 15.03.2012 aged 81.

Miss Mary Ullyott [USPG Ranchi, Diocese of Chota Nagpur, 1953-1972] Died 17.10.2011, aged 87.


 Obituary notices of the following appeared in ‘Pilgrim’ 2011 —

The Revd Anthony John Barnard [MMS 1962-67 CSI Medak Diocese, St. John’s Church, Secunderabad] Died 12.9.2009 aged 78.

Mr Hamilton Carleston [District Collector Madras and Nilgiris, circa 1925 to 1947] Died 29.12.1986 aged 82.

Mrs Eirene Leslie Carleston (née Stevens) [wife of the late Hamilton Carleston] Died 16 July 2010 aged 90.

Mrs Muriel Gallagher, née Hyman [MMS CSI Medak Diocese, 27 October 1921 to 24 September 2010] Died 24.9.2010 aged 88.

Mrs Joyce Mary Henry [BMS 1945-1968 (Wife of the Reverend Bruce Henry) Kond Hills, Orissa, North India] Died 18.07.2010 aged 90.

Dr Lykle Michiel Hogerzeil [Nigeria, Church of Scotland 1955-58 and MMS 1958-63.  India, Dichpalli, Leprosy Mission 1971-85.  South East Asia, Leprosy Mission 1985-90] Born 1927 Died 13.01.2011 aged 83.

Mrs Joan Hollingbery [MMS Gambia, West Africa 1945-46; and with her husband, the late Dr Ernest Hollingbery, Santal Mission Hospital, Sarenga, West Bengal, India, 1947-62] Died 20.12.2010 aged 90.

Mrs Ruth Homer (née Bain) [MMS CSI Medak 1956-58 and Burma 1958-65] Died 3.2.2011 aged 80.

Miss Dorothy MacNaughton Leith [MMS CSI Madras 1950 -76] Died 08.03.2011 aged 90.

The Revd John Geoffrey Marsden [LMS/CWM 1956-1995, CSI, Rayalaseema Diocese] Died 31.07.2010 aged 80.

Mrs Pat Morton (née McGrath) [MMS. Widow of the late Revd Dr Harry Morton] Died aged 86.

Deacon Joan Nicholson [MMS Ceylon/Sri Lanka, 1970-1981, Methodist College, Colombo] Died 12.1.2011 aged 68.

Mrs Sarah Amy Payler [married to the late Revd Bert Payler, Methodist Church and CSI Madras] Died 25.09.2010 aged 102.

Dr Margaret Pierce MB ChB DCH (later known as Margaret Collins) [MMS CSI Mysore Diocese 1947-58; Paediatrician, Holdsworth Memorial Hospital, Mysore, South India.] Died 21.5 2011 aged 87.

Sister Winifred Florence Rutter [SPG 1953-1990, Calcutta and from 1961 at Barisal with the Oxford Mission’s Sisterhood of the Epiphany] Died 26.5.2010 aged 87.

The Revd W Ewing Smith [Church of Scotland Overseas Council, Ajmer, Rajasthan 1962-1976] Died 28.12.2010 aged 82.

Mr Stephen Rider Smith [CWM-CNI Siksha Sangha, Bishnupur, Bengal, N.India, son of Frederick & Ethel Maltus Smith (LMS- CSI, Rayalaseema Diocese] Died on 9.8.2010 aged 75.

The Revd Mary Somervell (Widow of the late Dr Jim Somervell) [LMS CSI Jammalamadugu, Andhra Pradesh 1955-68] Died 27.02.2011 aged 80.

Miss Barbara Tasker [MMS Lucknow & Faizabad, North India 1950 -65; Senior Tutor, Kingsmead College, Selly Oak, Birmingham 1966 -71] Died 9.2.2011 aged 91.

Prof John Webb [CMS 1952 to 1970, Director and Head of Paediatrics, Christian Medical College and Hospital, Vellore, South India.] Died 17.08.2010, aged 91.

 CORRECTION and APOLOGY: The late Revd Richard Samuel (Dixie) Wallace, served with the Dublin University Mission Brotherhood 1944-1951 and not the Durham University Mission Brotherhood as was reported in Pilgrim Edition 37


Obituary notices of the following appeared in ‘Pilgrim’ 2010 —

Dr John Noel Sebire [MMS Bengal District, North India] Died  3.3.2009 aged 73.

Mrs Betty Tucker [BMS 1945-1959, New Delhi; 1961-62, North East India, Mizoram (formerly South Lushai Hills)] Died 23.7.2009 aged 87.

Mrs Ruth Keable Sherred (née Compton) [USPG 1950-1976, CSI Lucknow Diocese, Taini Tal] Died 9.8.2009 aged 88.

Mrs Margaret Doreen Benfield (née Smith) [MMS 1961-1963, CSI Mysore Diocese, Holdsworth Memorial Hospital, Mysore] Died 13.8.2009 aged 85

Dr James L. Somervell [LMS 1955-1968, CSI Rayalaseema Diocese, CSI Hospital Jammalamadugu] Died 20.8.2009 aged 82.

The Revd Canon Peter Cousins Ruffle [CMS 1945-1952, Pathra, Santal, North India] Died 17.9.2009 aged 89.

The Revd Malcolm Charles Ridyard [CMS 1962-1971, CNI, Bombay Diocese] Died 2.10.2009 aged 76.

The Revd Gladys May Smith [BMS China 1948-1951 and Cuttack, India 1952-1962] Died 20.10.2009 aged 90.

Miss Edith Mabel Hallett [BMS Delhi 1946-1954 and Patna 1954-1970] Died
25.10.2009 aged 98.

Miss Dorothy Alice Humphreys [BMS 1949-1968, Christian General Hospital,
Palwal, North India] Died 3.11.2009 aged 87.

Miss E Margaret James [MMS 1947-61, CSI Medak Diocese, Wesley Girls High School, Secunderabad] Died 7.12. 2009 aged 89.

The Revd Laurence Pullen [CMS Australia 1945-1972, CSI Dornakal and Krishna Dioceses] Died 25.12.2009 aged 89.

Mrs Margaret Worsley Render (née Howard) [MMS China 1948-1950. CSI Mysore Diocese 1950-1956] Died 9.02.2010 aged 89.

The Revd Stuart Luckcock [MMS 1932-1974. CSI Madras and Coimbatore dioceses] Died 17.2.2010 aged 101.

Sister Celia Barber [USPG 1957-1982.  CSI Madurai-Ramnad Diocese] Died 26.2.2010 aged 87.

Mrs Margaret Shrisunder (nėe Armitage) [USPG 1959-1972 Diocese of Bombay, Kolhapur and from 1965 at Sholapur] Died 2.3.2010 aged 85.

The Revd Richard Samuel (Dixie) Wallace [Dublin University Mission Brotherhood 1944-1951. Hazaribagh, Chota Nagpur Diocese, Church of India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon]. Died 16.3.2010 aged 92.

The Revd John Hubert Barker [MMS 1939-1954. Methodist Church Bengal District] Died 16.03.2010 aged 95.

The Revd Stanley Bernard Davis [MMS 1950-1955 CSI Madras Diocese] Died 22.5.2010 aged 83.

Korabandi Azariah, Evangelist, [CSI Diocese of Dornakal] Died 22.5.2010.

Miss Ruth Mary Young [USPG 1947-54 St Stephen's Hospital Delhi, Home Staff 1958-1968] Died 2.6.2010 aged 90.

The Right Revd Sundar Clarke [CSI Madras Diocese, Bishop 1937-1952] Died 10.6.2010 aged 83.Bishop 1937-1952]

The Revd John Clapham [MMS 1956-1971 North India, Bengal District] Died 28.6.2010 aged 82.

The Revd Canon William Whiffen [CMS 1957-68 CSI North Kerala Diocese and 1974-79 USPG Asia Secretary] Died 08.07.2010 aged 85.


Obituary notices of the following appeared in ‘Pilgrim’ 2009 —

Mrs Doreen Bussell [USPG Assam 1952 – 1958 and Ranchi 1962 – 1971] died on September 6th 2008, aged 86.

Sister Eileen Butterfield [USPG, 1947 – 1976 CSI Rayalaseema Diocese
and CSI Order of Sisters] died on December 26th 2008, aged 92.

Miss Mary Edmunds [CMS, Bihar 1948 – 1979] died May 2008.

Miss Olive Fuller was a Canadian and had worked with the Dohnavur Fellowship. She died on November 4th 2008.

Mrs Agnes Padma Hilton and her husband were the first missionaries sent and supported by the Friends Missionary Prayer Band in Thiruverumbur.  She died in Delhi on October 25th 2008, aged 69.

The Revd Dr Tom H Lyle [Irish Presbyterian Mission, Gujarat, 1950 – 1972] died on March 17th 2008.

The Revd Canon Reginald J Messenger [USPG, Dioceses of Lucknow and Agra, 1942 – 1980] died on September 11th 2008, aged 95.

Miss Phyllis Mitchell [MMS. CSI Tiruchi–Thanjavur Diocese, 1947 – 1965] died on September 22nd 2008, aged 95.

Mr Stanley Mudd [BMS, Assam & Bengal 1953 – 1957, then in Pakistan; Asst Secretary at BMS for S.E. Asia, 1975 – 1987] died on January 19th 2008, aged 85.

The Revd Robin Sleigh [LMS 1952 – 1961 and 1978 –1992. CSI Karnataka North Diocese] died on September 10th 2008, aged 81.

Miss Mollie Smith [LMS/CWM CSI Rayalaseema Diocese 1951-1981, Nursing Superintendent, Jammalamadagu] died on December 5th 2008, aged 92.

Miss Frances M Spencer [MMS CSI Tiruchi–Thanjavur Diocese1946 – 1980] died on 22nd August 2008, aged 88.

Miss Betty Swan [CMS Lucknow Diocese 1963 – 1973] died on 29th September 2008.

Miss Dorothy Mabel Tate [CEZMS CSI Dornakal Diocese 1939 – 1969] died on November 1st, 2007, aged 94.

Mrs Margaret Todman [LMS wife of late Rev Arnold Todman, CSI Coimbatore Diocese] died on September 26th 2008, aged 88.

Mrs Jean Turner [CMS 1958 – 1967 CSI Tirunelveli Diocese. Lecturer, Sarah Tucker College] died on December 20th 2008, aged 79.

Added in June 2009:-

The Right Revd T B Benjamin, former Bishop of CSI North Kerala Diocese.  Died March 25th, 2009, aged 101

The Revd Stanley Bernard Davis [1950 - 1956 Madras Diocese, Church of South India; 1956 - 1961 Mission Education Department, Mission House] died on May 22nd 2009, aged 82.

The Revd Arthur Cecil Monsarrat Hargreaves [CMS Bishops College, Calcutta 1952 - 1961; Asia Secretary CMS 1961-69; NCC of India 1970 - 72; UTC Bangalore 1972 - 76  and General Secretary of the Conference of British Missionary Societies 1976 - 79] Died June 4th 2009, aged 90.

The Revd Bruce Sherwill Hayllar [USPG Diocese of Chota Nagpur 1954-1963 and Diocese of Central Zambia 1972-1976] Died May 29th 2009, aged 85.

The Rt Revd Arthur Luther, CNI, Bishop of Nashik, and of Bombay and Kolhapur.  Died January 25th 2009, aged 89.

The Revd Roy Lawson Manson [Church of Scotland 1955-1968. CSI Madras Diocese]  Died April 4th 2009, aged 82.

Mr Alan Partridge [Church Missionary Society 1957-1969. Surgeon at Iyi Enu Hospital, near Onitsha, Eastern Nigeria, latterly as Medical superintendent, 1957-1964. Radiologist at Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore 1967-1969] Died April 8th, 2009, aged 83.

Mrs Kathleen Salisbury [C.M.S. 1949- 63 Nasik, Amangabad, Mumbai and Poona) Died 5th January 2009.

The  Revd Prof. Sudhir Sharma, Director of the Centre for Studies in Rural Development and the Institute of Social Work and Research, Ahmednagar, Church of North India.  Died March 7th, 2009, aged 57

Miss Irene Victoria Wright [Baptist Missionary Society 1948-1974. Nurse, Midwife and Matron, Moorshead Memorial Christian Hospital, Udayagiri, Orissa] Died January 3rd, 2009, aged 85.

Obituary notices of the following appeared in ‘Pilgrim’  2008 —

John Mountford died on 19th May 2008, aged 88 years.

Marjorie Chapman died 11th March 2008 aged 80 years.

Dr. Muriel Beard died 10th April 2008 aged 85 years.

The Ven. Jon A Cable died 6th April 2005 in Australia, aged 95 years.

Dr. Bryan Thompson died June 2nd 2008 in Scotland.

Muriel Sleigh died on 30th July 2007, aged 69 years.

Dr. Rodney Todman died 18th May 2007 aged 88 years.

Barbara Paile died 2nd September 2007 aged 94 years.

Violet Mary Hayes died 9th September 2007 aged 97 years.

May Collins died on 10 September 2007, aged 95 years.

James E. Balraj died on 24th September 2007 aged 81 years.

Rev Canon John Marshall William Adan, former missionary of the Cambridge mission to Delhi, died 30th September 2007 aged 98 years.

Rev. Alan Stephens died on 12 October 2007 age 79 years.

Bishop Sam Ponnaiah, the first Bishop of Vellore Diocese, was given in CSI Life December 2007 but no dates were given.

Revd Robert William Grayson died 6 December 2007 aged 83 years.

The Very Revd Kenneth Neal Jennings died 14 December 2007 aged 77 years.


Obituary notices of the following appeared in ‘Pilgrim’  2007—

Revd David Lionel Rae died on 13th March 2007 aged 83.

Enid Vivia Lloyd-Anthony (née Hooper) died on 29th March 2007 aged 99.

The Revd Bill Milne died on 1st April 2007.

Dr Bina Gideon died on 19th April 2007.

Revd George Reginald Wells died on 23rd April 2007 aged 95.

Dr Mrs Renuka Mukerji Somasekhar died on 29th April, 2007 aged 86.

Revd John Milns died on 30th April 2007 aged 93.

Mariamma Mathew died on 2nd May 2007.

Monindra Nath Sen died on 8th June 2007 aged 92.

Rt Revd John E Ghose died on 6th July 2007 aged 79.

Dr Paula Greeves died on 24th March 2006 aged 93.

Dr Mrs Dorothy Ebenezer died on 24th April 2006 aged 65.

Canon Marcus Jaswant died on 2nd August 2006 aged 96.

Revd Rymall Stuart Roxburgh died in 2006 aged 91.

Revd Carol Whitmee She died on 31st August 2006 aged 67.

Mrs Eugenie Blow (née Chambers) died on 1st September 2006 aged 80.

Mrs Eileen Jacob (née Bending) died on 1st September 2006 aged 81.

Rt Revd Deva Prasad Shettian died on 2nd September 2006 aged 74.

Dr Betty Cowan died on 10th September 2006 aged 89.

Professor Dr Ponnu Andrew Sathiyasatchi died on 1st November 2006 aged 83.

Revd Margaret Cayzer (née Mossom) died on 20th December 2006 aged 80.

Revd Thomas Hamerton died on 21st December 2006 aged 93.

Phyllis Merriman died on 7th January 2007 aged 93.

Revd Bruce Kenrick died on 15th January 2007 aged 86.

Pat Roberts died on 10th February 2007 aged 95.

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