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The following obituary notices appeared in ‘Pilgrim’ August 2007—

Revd David Lionel Rae died on 13th March 2007 aged 83. He served for the Church of Scotland in Poona, in the Diocese of Kolhapur from 1957 to 1990. He was much valued for his counsel on a variety of institutional boards and he found much joy in becoming Presbyter-in-Charge of the St Paul's Church, Pune in 1977. He took part in North India's Church Union negotiations and, after Union, returned to India to complete the transfer of Church of Scotland properties to the CNI.

Enid Vivia Lloyd-Anthony (née Hooper) died on 29th March 2007 aged 99. Born in Australia, she was appointed by LMS in 1935 to Anantapur (now in the CSI Rayalaseema Diocese). In 1939 she married the Revd Thomas Anthony, a missionary colleague, and supported him in Jammalamadugu, Kamalapuram, Cuddapah and Gooty. After World War II service in the UK, they returned to work in India until 1954 when they returned to Australia where she continued in Church service after her husband's death in 1979.

The Revd Bill Milne died on 1st April 2007. A member of the Presbyterian Church of Canada, he served with his wife, the Revd Lucy Milne, among the Bhil people of N. India 1956-70 and from 1977 to '78 at the North India Theological College in Bareilly.

Dr Bina Gideon died on 19th April 2007. A loved and respected gynaecologist, she served, with her husband Dr Preetum Gideon, at the Christian Hospital, Jagadhiri

Revd George Reginald Wells died on 23rd April 2007 aged 95. He served in India as Chaplain of St Paul's School, Darjeeling, 1938-45, then from 1947 to ‘57 as Mission Priest of Chandrapur, Maharastra, and finally as Archdeacon of Nagpur 1957-61 and Priest-in-Charge of All Saints' Cathedral, Nagpur from 1958 to 61 before continuing in ministry in the UK.

Dr Mrs Renuka Mukerji Somasekhar died on 29th April, 2007 aged 86. She served the CSI as General Secretary from 1966 to 1968. Though her family were from Rai Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, she became Principal of Women's Christian College, Madras at the age of 34 and served there over two decades with great distinction. She became Vice-President, then President of the National Council of Churches in India and was President of the Student Christian Movement in India. At the College she was remembered as ‘Principal Extraordinary' and her life and service were marked by, "Commitment, Courage and Compassion".

Revd John Milns died on 30th April 2007 aged 93. Appointed by MMS to S. India, he gave distinguished service in the Madras English Circuit from 1945 to 1956 and later, in S.Africa, from 1971 to 1990.

Mariamma Mathew died on 2nd May 2007. After training at Vellore, she rose to become Nursing Superintendent and Sister Tutor of the CSI (formerly MMS) Kalyani Hospital, Madras, where she served 32 years until 1969. The institution became well-known for its patient care and treatment. Mariamma's own contribution was exemplified in her motto: `Prayer and Hardwork'. In 1952 she married K.V. Mathew, then Sales Manager of the CLS, Madras, and their home in Mylapore was like "an international guest house' of loving hospitality. She was known as `Prayer Warrior' by many, including Hindus.

Monindra Nath Sen died on 8th June 2007 aged 92. A distinguished General Secretary of the YMCA the first long-term Indian Secretary of the historic Calcutta branch — he came with his wife Roma (now deceased) to London for surgery and they settled there, as have their children. They were active members of their local church and Moni was Treasurer of the Friends of the Church North India prior to the formation of the FCI.

Rt Revd John E Ghose died on 6th July 2007 aged 79. Consecrated at Calcutta in 1974, he served as Bishop of Darjeeling and as Moderator 1989-92

Muriel Sleigh (née Harrison) died 30th July 2007 aged 69. (Last minute news)


The following obituary notices appeared in ‘Pilgrim’ April 2007—

Dr Paula Greeves died on 24th March 2006 aged 93. Appointed in 1951 by LMS to serve at Erode Hospital in the CSI's Coimbatore Diocese, she gave distinguished service as a surgeon and was keenly interested in the surrounding work of the Church. Returning to the UK in 1963 she later served in mission hospitals in Nigeria and in Southern Africa where she retired.

Dr Mrs Dorothy Ebenezer died on 24th April 2006 aged 65. She was the widow of Dr D.N. Ebenezer and daughter of the late Revd and Mrs E.P. Yesudas. She served in education as a teacher and as a Hostel Superintendent, she became the Founder Principal of the Eva Mair Institute of Technical Education which benefited academically less able girls, including some who had been begging on the streets. In the wider Church, she came to high office in the Women's Fellowship, the National Council of Churches in India and, further afield, to the World Council of Churches. Exceptionally able, she gave unsparingly of herself at all times, and, in retirement she continued to reach out to the poor and marginalized - a beloved Amma to many

Canon Marcus Jaswant died on 2nd August 2006 aged 96. Born in Meerut District to Rajput parents who soon died of plague; he and his young sister, left destitute, were brought up by missionaries. Ordained in 1946, he served in a wide variety of churches, taught at the North India Theological Seminary at Khatauli U.P., became a Canon of the C.I.P.B.C. in the Cathedral at Allahabad, was a member of the Delhi Brotherhood, translated the gospels into Urdu, was involved in school and hospital management, Dean of Agra Deanery for 10 years, later Dean of Aligarh Deanery and then Dean of Kanpur Deanery. When he retired, he settled down in Lucknow, but in his eightieth year he, single-handed, fought a legal battle to reclaim a Wesleyan CNI Church in Lucknow which he then looked after as Priest until he was 84. That brought to an end fifty years of service to Christ, Christianity and Christians.

Revd Rymall Stuart Roxburgh died in 2006 aged 91. He came from New Zealand and served with his wife Betty in India from 1945 to 1965, at first in the villages around Jagadhri, then in the developing parish of Yamunanagar, before being transferred to Dehra Dun in the 60s. He returned to New Zealand in 1965 because of illness. A skilful administrator and much loved pastor.

Revd Carol Whitmee She died on 31st August 2006 aged 67. She served for the BMS from 1965 to 1999 in Orissa, living in Cuttack, Diptipur and Bolangir She introduced the Girls Brigade where she worked and creatively managed a hostel at Bolangir, attracting considerable financial support to such an extent that it continues to run well and hundreds of young people are nurtured into useful lives. After the CNI came into being in 1970 she was the Sambalpur Diocese's Treasurer and then its Secretary; ordained a Deaconess, she had major responsibility in bringing into being the Diocesan Women's Fellowship for Christian Services that works among the Christian and non-Christian women of the area. Back in England she held responsible posts in her local church and was a member of our FCI Committee.

Mrs Eugenie Blow (née Chambers) died on 1st September 2006 aged 80. She served with her husband, the Revd Ralph Blow, for MMS in the Bengal District of the Methodist Church from 1952. She was a lecturer in Bankura Christian College where from 1959 she was involved with the planning, building and setting up of a pioneering Hostel for Women Students of which she became the first Warden. She returned to the UK in 1964 for the children's education.

Mrs Eileen Jacob (née Bending) died on 1st September 2006 aged 81. Appointed by LMS to the Rayalaseema Diocese of the CSI in 1952, She served in village work at Anantapur. She joined the Women's Order of the CSI and lived for a time in an ashram at Nandikotkur and later in Cuddapah. In 1967 she married Kurien whom she had met when working on a famine relief project. Living with him in Hyderabad, she continued to serve the church and community and, after his death in 1981, remained in Hyderabad strongly supported by her loving Indian family.

Rt Revd Deva Prasad Shettian died on 2nd September 2006 aged 74. He was a former Bishop of the CSI's Karnataka Southern Diocese for 8 years — a committed and sincere servant of God.

Dr Betty Cowan died on 10th September 2006 aged 89. She served the Christian Medical College, Ludhiana for over 40 years, 26 of  these on the teaching faculty. She introduced medical record keeping, studied infectious diseases in villages and was in charge of a team providing health care for thousands of refugees after the Indo-Pakistan war of 1965. She became Professor of Medicine in 1969 and was awarded the OBE in 1979 for services to community health; she became Principal from 1982-1984.

Professor Dr Ponnu Andrew Sathiyasatchi died on 1st November 2006 aged 83. A distinguished Tamil scholar, poet and journalist, he had trained as a teacher and journalist before becoming Tamil Professor at Voorhees College, Vellore, then at Madras Christian College and finally at the Tamilnadu Theological Seminary, Madurai. He wrote many books in Tamil and edited several Christian journals. But he also served the Tamil church as a preacher and singer, well know for his "Katha Kalatchebom". With encouragement from the CSI Moderator, Solomon Doraiswamy, he founded the World Christian Tamil Academy and organized conferences, rallies and seminars. One of the Tamil church's great leaders.

Revd Margaret Cayzer (née Mossom) died on 20th December 2006 aged 80. She was appointed by the LMS in 1951 to the CSI Coimbatore Diocese as a District Missionary and served in Salem until 1961. Then in Coimbatore she served as Manager of Girls' and Boys' Boarding Homes and as Area Treasurer also assisting village congregations. In Salem again from 1970, she pioneered care for mentally and physically handicapped children, and established a Home for them — `Balar Gnana Illam'. She was much appreciated by many Indian families and by colleagues. In 1980 she returned to Australia, was ordained in the Uniting Churches and married Arthur Cayzer in 1983.

Revd Thomas Hamerton died on 21st December 2006 aged 93. Appointed by the SPG in 1942 to the Hubli Industrial Settlement in the Diocese of Bombay, he returned to parishes in England in 1944.

Phyllis Merriman died on 7th January 2007 aged 93. She was appointed by the SPG to West Bengal in 1958 and worked on relief projects in the Sunderbans area of the Diocese of Barrackpore until her retirement in 1972.

Revd Bruce Kenrick died on 15th January 2007 aged 86. He served briefly for the URC in West Bengal with his wife Isabel, but caught typhoid and returned to the UK where he became the founding Chairman of Shelter which transformed the housing situation for people who had been inhumanely treated by merciless landlords.

Pat Roberts died on 10th February 2007 aged 95. She came from Australia to India for LMS in 1937 and was based in Anantapur and then Cuddapah, working with Bible women in the villages. For a while she was Treasurer of the CNI's Rayalaseema Diocese, living in Jammalamadagu. In 1958 she came to Gooty with responsibilities for hostels and for supervising new building work and in the Church Training Centre, she ran courses for village women. She was fond of children and animals, not least her Labrador Tilly. Retiring in 1972, encouraged by her friends the Sekharans, she made her home in Kodaikanal where she died.

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