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FCI Day will be held on Saturday 6 October 2018
Indian YMCA
41, Fitzroy Square, London, W1T 6AQ

FCI Day Offertory

It was decided that the offertory from the FCI Day Eucharist in 2017 should go  to a CNI project, Jagriti Bhalai Kendra Society, supported by the  Diocese of Amritsar, working with  HIV positive people. Here are some details as to what the Society does:-


  • Befriending the positive person in order that they may develop a trust and accept treatment through the ART centers. This is very important as we find the majority of our positive people rather believe in their local Baba’s who mixed herbal medicine with steroids which is detrimental to the positive person.
  • Encourage the family in acceptance of the positive person by giving correct teaching regarding the illness.
  • Encouraging children to continue with their education and giving some sort of cottage industry to help the family economically. Also increase the positive person’s self-esteem.
  • Often our positive friends carry a lot of guilt and anger. For these we share the love of God and the forgiveness of sin.
  • Where there is financial crisis such as children school fees we try and provide.


The needs that the project will address are:-

  • The positive people will find people who they can trust, and give the Correct advice.
  • Through our intervention and prayers they will be accepted as a member of their family.
  • They will be a listening ear through mobile 24 hrs a day and if necessary a visit must be taken as often as needed.
  • Positive people are encouraged to go regularly to the ART center and take regular ARV drug.
  • Children are encouraged to get admission into schools.
  • The positive person is prepared for their death and often reconciliation with God and family.
  • For economic stability some cottage industry.
  • Medical care is networked through JBKS and the government.

For more information in the Annual Report of the Society (2013) (MS Word document), click here. (Photos referred to are not included here.)

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